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Started by Naird

We've been working hard on a lot of internal infrastructure over the past week, and this site is part of that. We've created the forum as a hub for community interaction, where we'll post important updates, progress on the rebuild, and as a place where you can ask us questions.

We'll be making updates to the forum over the coming weeks, tweaking things to make sure everything is as we'd like it!

SoftmintSheep and I also redesigned the YCN branding to a more modern theme, with versions that work on both light and dark backgrounds, let us know what you think about it!

I've moved all the previous status updates over to this category, so everything is in one place, it's much simpler for us to post updates here, instead of manually editing the code of the old status page, so we'll be able to post updates a lot quicker and easier than ever before!

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know that the rebuild is now under way! We've started work on building a new lobby, and while our Mod team are working on that, I'll be building the new servers and hooking those into the network. As usual, we don't have an ETA, but I do have a rough deadline in mind that I'd like to have everything completed by, but I'll release that in a future update :)

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