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Hello everyone,
I've got a very exciting announcement for you today, we finally have a relaunch date for the Yogscast Community Network!

Watch the reveal trailer here:

Yes, the Yogscast Community Network will be returning on the 11th May 2021! This also happens to be the same date as our Second Anniversary, so it's reason for double celebration!
We've adjusted our plan for the relaunch slightly after some discussion about the 1.17 update to Minecraft, as we felt a world reset so soon after the relaunch wasn't the right move to make. In light of  this, our relaunch plan is as follows:

  • The Network relaunches with Three servers, one of those being the Lobby.
  • The Temporary Survival server will be bought over onto the network, and updated slightly to make it compatible with the Network.
  • A new server will launch alongside it (you'll have to wait and find out what that server is), bringing the server total to three.
  • The new survival, and RavsCraft servers will be released after the 1.17 update is launched, and we're able to update the network to that version.
  • Spiff's VIP server will be released when it's ready on the network. It will not be part of the relaunch.
  • More servers will be launched as and when we're able to develop them, and they're at a level we're happy to launch them at.

We're super excited to welcome you back onto the network, and can't wait to see you all again! Once 1.17 is released, and we've updated the network to fully support the update, as previously planned, we'll release the 1.16 Survival world as a download on these forums, so you won't lose what you've made!

If you have any questions, feel free to post a reply to this update, and I'll get back to you!

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the nova shire bumpkin bros shall rise 🎃

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